Friday, November 6, 2009

Quint has his own Pet

Windowsills are for Napping

Though Hedge is making steady progress at becoming more of a social animal and less of a recluse, Quint has other ideas about Hedge's role in our household. I think Quint believes Hedge to be his kitten. Carol and I don't really have a problem with that concept, since we are thoroughly enjoying watching the two cats play with each other. The home furnishings are taking a bit of a beating though.

Quint wears himself out each day keeping track of and playing with Hedge, and Hedge keeps the game going as long as possible. Poor Quint has gotten a bit jumpy lately and is always looking over his shoulder, as he never knows when Hedge will sneak up behind him and pounce on his back. The games they play keep them both very busy as they dash around the house scrunching up the throw rugs and sliding into the walls. Hedge still has a tendency to seek refuge behind the couch or under the bed, but he doesn't stay hidden for long and Quint almost always knows where Hedge is hiding. When he doesn't, Quint will roam through the house making a little warbling sound that says, "Come out, come out, wherever you are. It's time to play."

Quint has only one really loud sound that he makes when he is disturbed about something going on outside. The other sounds he makes are soft chirps and warbles. Hedge, who is mostly very quiet and stealthy, is beginning to develop his own vocabulary of mews and an occasional Quint-like warble. We equipped Quint's collar with a little bell so we can always tell where he is, but Hedge's collar is unadorned and he is very light-footed which makes him rather undetectable most of the time. Hedge also seems to be able to teleport himself around the house, or at least it appears that he does since he will suddenly appear on the couch which moments ago was quite empty.

The latest development for Hedge is his finding the courage to take naps on our bed during the day, often within a few inches of Quint. That is quite a step for the little recluse and Carol and I are very pleased with his progress. Last night, as I was going to bed after Carol had already retired, I saw both cats sleeping on our bed with her. Hedge was curled up on her legs, just above her feet and Quint was asleep at the foot of my side of the bed. Adorable!! Also, lately Hedge forgets to run and hide when Carol or I walk by him, and if he does run, he doesn't go very far. I think he's figuring out that we're the good guys.

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